December 17, 2009

Review: Samson's Walls by Jud Nirenberg

Samson's parents have put a lot of pressure on him. An angel foretold of Samson, who could make his people strong and powerful. When he meets the woman he wants to marry, he soon learns that acceptance isn't always possible. That's when the rebellion begins. That's when the story gets really interesting.

This book includes a little bit of everything, love, hate, life, death, friends and foes. People naturally want to be accepted and Samson is no exception. As he struggles to make everyone happy, himself, his family and God, he realizes that he can't be everything to everyone.

Book Information:
Samson's Walls by Jud Nirenberg
Paul Mould Publishing
ISBN: 978158690-1028
Dec. 09
$23.00 Paperback

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book so that I could write an honest review.

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