December 31, 2009

Save! Save! Save!

I'm addicted to saving money. I love coupons and sales. Anytime that I am looking for a particular product, I do a lot of research and try to find the best overall deal. Sometimes, that works out to be the cheaper product but sometimes it's actually cheaper to purchase name brands. I take a lot of different things into account. Price is important, of course, but so is convenience. From huge purchases, like a car, to small purchases, such as toilet paper, you can find great deals.

You can even order sold out event tickets online and save some cash. Just think about all the money you could save by only buying products that you have a coupon for. Even if it's just fifty cents here and two dollars here, every little bit can add up pretty quickly. Taking a few extra minutes out of your day and visiting an online coupon website will pay off in the end, I'm sure of it. Then, you can take the money you saved and buy yourself a little something pretty or save it for a much needed vacation. One other really great idea is to put it in a college fund for your child. Just think about how much you could save over the next eighteen years...

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