December 23, 2009

Small Business

I don't know about you, but I love small businesses. I enjoy walking into a place and having the workers know my name and what it is that I like. There is a little book store about fifteen minutes from where I live and the lady behind the desk knows my face before I even make it through the door. This is saying a lot because my hair is constantly changing length and color. I had it down to my butt and then donated it to locks of love and colored it bright red. She still knew me though. I walk in and she's already pulling some books off the shelves for me. We're kindred spirits, we both love paranormal romance, urban fantasy and mysteries.

It's a great feeling to walk into a store that has products you absolutely love and have a staff that understands you through and through. For the most part, all of the small businesses that I visit seem to have a knack for hiring. They always seem to have the nicest people working there as a part time CFO. Big businesses may be able to offer lower prices, but there are some things that I would rather pay a little more and get great service. Like books, for example.

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  1. I agree completely. Obviously I have a bias, being a small business owner myself...but when you can have interaction with an owner or decision maker and feel the intimacy of a local establishment, that's priceless.

  2. A single customer well taken cared of is more valuable than a thousand worth of advertisement... I love the idea what small businesses can offer to their customer.