December 31, 2009

Under The Sea

I love the ocean. I'm a fan of how it makes me feel, how pretty it is, and most of all, how many beautiful creatures live under the sea. Dolphins are one of the most beautiful, pure creatures I have ever seen. We went to Sea World when I was four or five and I can still remember how it felt to watch the dolphins swim. Then, when I was seventeen, I went on a vacation with my friends family and I was able to see them from the pier. I felt an overwhelming calm and for that brief moment, everything seemed right in the world. It's amazing the effect some animals can have on you.

I really want to check out cruisers activities in Cozumel and swim with dolphins. I love the way they look and how the jump out of the water and then dive back in. They are so gorgeous and I would love the chance to see one face to face. I'm definitely going to have to do this on our next vacation. The only problem is, I'll probably want to stay and live in the water with them. I'll just have to make sure I stay away from jellyfish and sharks.

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