December 23, 2009

The World Wide Web

One of my favorite things about the internet, is being able to look up virtually anything. Anything that pops into your mind can be typed into a search engine and most of the time, you are able to find the answers you seek. My thirst for knowledge has been quenched since the internet came along. I'm always thinking about something and I can't stand it when I don't know the answer. What is the meaning of life? How do you learn Business Accounting, so you can do it yourself rather than paying some firm a huge sum of money? How do you change a tire? These topics and much more can be found on the internet. There are tons of articles on how to do certain things and there are articles that are so informative that all of your questions about a certain topic may be answered. My friends and I will be sitting around and something will pop into one of our heads and we'll start discussing it. Sometimes, one of us knows enough to answer the question, but just as often, we have to look it up. It's kind of fun doing a bit of research when the topic interests you.

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