January 27, 2010


When I was young, my family always thought that I would make a great attorney because I have a knack for arguing my case. I always knew what to say and how to say it to get people to understand my side of things. While some would consider this is a good quality, others thought that I merely liked to fight. That's not the case though, I just like to present the facts as I see them and get people to understand my side. There are two sides to every story and how can you make people understand who you are and how you think, if you don't explain it to them?

I am glad that we live in a society where people are given a chance to explain what happened. I do not always agree with jurors or with the punishment but I do have respect for Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys. Being a lawyer is not an easy job and I know that it can take it's toll on lawyers and their family. I will always remember the attorney who handled my divorce and he was seriously an angel. He did a great job and genuinely cared about what happens to his clients.

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