January 3, 2010

The Gift Of Television

My sister and her husband decided to give themselves the gift of directtv for Christmas. They were paying about $150 a month for cable, internet and phone. Little did they know, they could all of the same features, plus more for a lot less. When they found out how much they could save, it was a no brainer. With directtv satellite tv they have about double the channels and they have High Definition, which is perfect for my brother-in-law who needs to fuel his sports addiction.

The Direct TV Packages offered, were perfect for the whole family. My nephew now has a lot more channels to choose from when searching for something to watch. He only watches a couple hours of TV a day but he's like the rest of the family and only wants to watch a show or movie that he's in the mood for. Most of the time is "Bob" which is Sponge Bob. With the money they saved from switching allowed them to purchase a lot more Christmas presents for their son. I was amazed at how much they were able to save and it's got me thinking, why in the world would anyone stick with cable? I'm all for switching to satellite television, can you tell?

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  1. We're actually about to switch our "Standard Cable" over to a satellite package. I think we're going with Dish Network because it's slightly lower priced than DirectTV. I don't want to lose my HIGH speed internet, so we're keeping that with our cable company.