January 13, 2010


My husband and I are currently looking for a new place to live. I'm beginning my online search and I know that we want to stay in Northern Kentucky but I would like to move to a more remote setting. I've always wanted to live out of the way where there isn't a lot of traffic and neighbors. I want Reese to have a huge yard to run around in and I need a house big enough for my library and two or three dogs. We've started looking at homes for rent because we would prefer not to live in an apartment. We haven't decided on a place just yet but I'm hoping to move sometime in May or sooner if at all possible. Once we do find a place, I want to stay there for a while. I can't decide if I want a ranch with a basement or a two story. One thing I do know is that I would like to get movie theater style seating. I love recliners and a built-in cup holder sounds like a nice thing to have. Especially for someone as clumsy as I am. It seems like the harder I try to not spill something, the more of a mess I end up making. The first night my husband and I moved into The Crossings apartment complex, I spilled pop. On our very first night there! I'm like a disaster waiting to happen. Thank God for carpet cleaners! I don't know how in the world some people can manage to never spill anything. My husband, for example, he never has trouble like I do. When we do eventually move, I'm wondering if I should allow myself to bring food and drinks out of the kitchen. Or maybe I'll just have to start using a sippy cup.

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  1. Good luck!!!! I hope you are able to find what you are looking for.


    Ps- Ya... I always getting in trouble for spilling things too. -heart-

  2. Hope you find what you're looking for, Bridget. Moving is such a drag, but turning a new place into a home is lots of fun! Good luck!