January 27, 2010

The Value of Nothing by Raj Patel

Raj Patel is the author of THE VALUE OF NOTHING. This book sheds light on our current status as residents of planet Earth. I have often thought about the footprints we are leaving behind for future generations and if everything is really worth it. The destruction we cause does not only affect us, it affects every living creature on this planet. It is so easy for some people to put a price on an object but they often forget the value of everything that is free, like the sunset or the mountains. People are often so caught up in having the newest car and the most up-to-date technology that they forget to stop and take a deep breath and look around. I know that I lose sight of this at times and then something will happen to shake me and bring me back to how wonderful life is. Have you ever just sat outside and stared at a tree or sat by a pond, letting your mind go nuts with fresh, clean air? This is free and yet we spend millions and millions of dollars on things that will only last for a short while. It's nice to know that even if you don't have a ton of money, you can learn to appreciate the one thing money can't buy.

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