January 6, 2010

When The Wind Blows

My Grandma had a garden where she would grow carrots, radishes and all kinds of yummy, yet good for you foods. Every time we went to visit her, I would get to pick things from her garden and trees and the food always tasted so much better than anything you can buy in a large chain supermarket. Fresh, home grown products are the way to go if at all possible. She had several bird feeders and wind chimes Now every time I see anything like that, I think back to the days when I would dig in the dirt in her yard. She was always planting flowers and trees. It was gorgeous and I really wish I had the desire to make my yard look as good as hers did.

Most of the people in her neighborhood and most of the people that I know have the aluminum wind chimes which in turn, makes me feel that they are too common. I would really like to get creative and put my own finishing touches on a wind chime. I could add butterflies to one for my mom and put some different things that have to do with reading on my own. That would be a great way to express my creative talent and give me something to do that would be relaxing.

My very favorite were the bamboo wind chimes. I don't know what it is about them but they have a calming effect on me. I like when things look natural and pure because they put me in a euphoric state of mind. I can picture myself sitting outside on a porch swing, drinking coffee, reading a book and listening to the wind blow through a wind chime. I'm always looking for a new hobby to take on.

I want the outside of my home to have an inviting feel that will make my company comfortable and relaxed. I like to add a little flair here and there that makes my home stand out and not look like every other home on the street. A little bit of decorating can make a huge difference in the feel of any home.

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