February 22, 2010

Already Hosting

I don't know much about web hosting but I do know a thing or two (or more) about reviews. Whenever I am researching a topic, I always search the web and try to gain as much knowledge as possible before making a purchase or decision. I really like it when I find a site that has done the majority of the work for me. This way I can compare apples to apples and find out which option fits my particular needs. The prices for the top ten are really reasonable. They range from $1.99 ot $6.95.

I still haven't made up my mind about starting a website and keeping my blog or making the switch to a website only. I have checked out some web hosting rankings via alreadyhosting.com and they have done the hard work for me. The top 10 web hosts for this year are placed on the first page and numbered according to their reviews. With so many features to choose from, it's nice to be able to find out what each host offers. There are also several articles, coupons and tools available. One of my favorite features for some of these sites are the free domain name and unlimited bandwidth.

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