Furry Friends

I love my all three of my dogs so much. They are so different when it comes to personality traits but the one thing they all have in common is that they love us unconditionally. My dog named Precious is an angel. She never runs off and you can communicate with her like she is human. If you say excuse me, she moves. If you tell to stay, she will stay. We never took her to obedience training or anything like that and I brought her home when she was eight weeks old. Still to this day she amazes me. Bubba on the other hand likes to take off down the street is he somehow gets loose. Reese is somewhere in between. If she gets distracted, then she takes off but for the most part she stays right by my side. The love I have for these four-legged creatures is unexplainable and if I were to lose one of them, the devastation would be unbearable.

If you love your furry companions like I do, you should know this new helpful tool. By visiting the Lost Pet Amber Alert website, you can now enter your pets information and it will go out just like the Amber Alert for children. Local vets, police, groomers, etc will each be notified of your missing dog or cat. This is such a great resource for pet lovers everywhere.


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