February 19, 2010

Getting Into Trouble

I can still remember when I was in grade school. We lived in San Diego, California and that's where I spent my first three years of school. One of the most vivid memories from that time in my life was when I looked up and saw my school on fire on the news. Would you like to know who started the fire? A fourth grade gang. Seriously. I'm sure their parents had to find one of Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyers. When I tell this story, so many people are shocked and don't want to believe me. I can't imagine being a parent and finding out that my child could do something so cruel. The truth of the matter is, stuff like this happens everywhere and it doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you are in California or Northern Kentucky. While in high school, someone took a shot at our school doors. We received several bomb threats, sometimes multiple bomb threats in the same day. I witnessed riots in downtown Cincinnati. I saw people pick up a parked car and move it with only their hands. Even though some laws were broken, everyone is entitled to a fair trial. The saying "which is worse, sending an innocent man to prison or letting the guilty go free" comes to mind. It's a difficult question and even more difficult to answer.

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