February 19, 2010

Miche Bag

My husband has trouble sleeping sometimes and when that happens, he is usually watching TV.  There was an infomercial on the Miche Bag and he told me to look it up online.  As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it!   What is the big deal about this bag?  Check this out:

You start out with a plain black bag, which you can carry as is, or you can add a shell and transform it into a whole new purse! The best part is, you don't have to switch items from one purse to another.  The shell is held in place with magnets.  This idea is pure genius! 

Here's how it works:

Here is my favorite shell:
I started using it the day I received it in the mail and I love it so much!  I just want to lay a big ole wet kiss on it!  Plus, I am the envy of all of my female friends.  Here's another shell that I received to review:

This one is on my wish list:

The small Miche Base Bag can be purchased in black or brown for $34.99.

A large Miche Bag is also available.  This bag is enormous!  My friend Krista said that if she gets one, she would use it as a diaper bag and a purse.  Here is what the base looks like:

I love how the base bag can be used all by it's self.  This bag also has several places to keep different items organized.  This is probably the best invention for women that I have ever seen.  I still can't get over how easy and cost effective this is.  My favorite large bag is this one:

This one is on my wish list:

The large Miche Base Bag is available for $39.95. 

You even have the option to customize your own Miche Bag.  I love everything about this bag.  It is so easy to organize all of the belongings that I keep in my purse.  Adjustable straps can be purchased if you are interested in a longer straps or handles.

Enter the giveaway here.

Disclosure: I received products from this company so that I could write an honest review.

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