February 6, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Unique Online Social Platform Matches Artists And Art Buyers

(Carbondale, Illinois) – It is an innovative online social platform for
artists worldwide designed to help connect artists and their works with the
perfect match of consumers. It is called TheArtistFinder.com and it is
increasing in popularity -- and it is free to join. Art lovers looking to
find that perfect art piece are able to browse the site for free as well
linking to multiple art sales venues. A few years back, the online art
matchmaker site called BoundlessGallery.com popped onto the cultural scene
allowing artists and art seekers a worldwide a place to connect. Now, the
company has added TheArtistFinder.com to help provide an additional matchup
option for artists and art lovers.

“We exist to support original artists online," says
BoundlessGallery.com/TheArtistFinder.com President Luke Terpstra. “We see
the online marketplace changing from the old guard of big one-stop shops
like eBay and Amazon, to a new order where the actual site you buy from
matters less than finding the perfect product.”

The truth is most artists use multiple online venues to promote their work,
and a site like TheArtistFinder.com helps embrace all of those venues and
provides very useful hub where artists can send potential customers to all
of their sites. It is a simple and easy site to bridge the gap between all
of an artist's web locations and can be used to synchronize ALL of those
sites together -- for free.

On TheArtistFinder.com, members are allowed to list all their online stores
where their works are listed, as well as their social network profiles. This
allows artists to take all their links from all the art sites they may have
their works posted; Boundless, Etsy, Yessy, etc. AND all their social
network profiles like MySpace and Facebook, and now replace them with just
ONE link to a new hub: www.TheArtistFinder.com

Artists are able to list their works for sale and simply pay a percentage
commission when works are sold through either the BoundlessGallery.com or
TheArtistFinder.com sites.

For more information go to: www.TheArtistFinder.com

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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