February 15, 2010

Today's Technology

I'm not quite sure who loves technology more when it comes to my husband and I. When the iPod Touch came out we were like kids in a candy store. The same thing happened with the PlayStation. Our love for electronics is unbelievable. We want to try anything and everything when it comes to New Gadgets. Normally I give in and he gets to test a product first but that's only because I know that I will be able to figure out more than he can on his first try.

We've been talking about having a movie room with a big screen LCD and surround sound speakers. The Aesthetic speaker collection is small but awesome! You can arrange the speakers any way you want and it fits any room perfectly because of it's size. I love how small the speakers are and how great they look on each side of the television. Plus, you can mount them on the wall. When the flat screens first came out, I was nervous about just hanging them on the wall but after a while the anxiety faded and I was able to really appreciate how great it looks up on the wall.

Keeping up with technology can sometimes be mind boggling. There are so many different terms, styles, qualities and prices. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I'm not sure what to do or where to turn. Lucky for me, my husband does know because he researches any big purchases that we are planning to make. Is it obvious that I'm itching to buy a new television?

Hopefully, sometime soon that dream will become a reality. I'm picturing a 72-inch but I highly doubt that will happen unless we win the lottery or something. The Aesthetic speakers sound like a nice addition to a new TV.

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