February 25, 2010

You And Your Skin

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I'm always trying to find new skin care products, especially the ones that are designed to fight the signs of aging. Even though I am only 27, I still think that by trying to prolong the signs of aging at a young age will be beneficial. One think I like to do is mix up my routine. I like to have three different shampoos, soaps and skin care products. This may not be true for some people, but it seems like my hair and skin start to reject a product if I use it daily for three or four days. This is why I like to mix it up.

My mom, grandma and granny all used Oil of Olay creams and only had great things to say about it. I started using the brand a few years ago and it just wasn't for me. I didn't like the smell or the feel. I've found some other really great facial creams that work a lot better for my dry skin.

There are so many new skin care products on the market that promise younger, firmer skin. While some of them seem to work wonders, others just don't live up to their name. One thing that I really like are those roll-on eye creams. They are so easy to use and I think that they will be around for a long time.

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