March 6, 2010

Babies and Clothes

I have a friend who is pregnant and one of the things that she dreads the most is going shopping for maternity clothes. It seems like as soon as you find out you are pregnant, you have to buy some new clothes because the ones you have aren't going to fit you. What fits you during your fourth month might not fit during your sixth month. Just like when your little bundle of joy is born, they grow so fast and it's really hard to keep up. The same thing can be said for mothers. Even though it can be a pain to shop for all new clothes that you won't be able to wear until another baby comes, it's still somewhat exciting because every little thing that is done during pregnancy is a reminder that a baby is growing.

I remember my friends and I went shopping for my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. My sister was hoping to be pregnant by the time my husband and I were going to be wed. She ended up getting a bigger dress size and it's a good thing she did because her dream came true. She was such a beautiful Maid of Honor.

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