March 23, 2010


Whenever I hear someone mention calling cards, my first thought always goes to back to when my husband was in the military. He was deployed to Germany and then to Afghanistan. I was always so afraid that he would try to call and not be able to get through. I ended up purchasing a ton of phone cards hoping that I wouldn't miss a call. If you have family members in the service, you know how hard it is to go days or even weeks without a phone call.

In Germany he was able to call me once a day thanks to the international phone cards. My dad was in the Navy when I was a baby and my mom told me how high their phone bill used to be. I can't imagine! After worrying everyday for a loved one and having to worry about huge bills. That was a really rough time in my life. I couldn't watch the news or any war movies. I didn't want to talk to certain people because all they talked about were missing soldiers. It still amazes me. I was so strong during that time and I didn't even realize it. I learned more about myself during that time than I ever imagined possible.

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