March 24, 2010

LMAO Off-Broadway

Like most people, I would rather laugh than do just about anything. It is one of my favorite things, second only to my family and laughing with my family. I'm sure my family would love to see the musical comedy LMAO Off-Broadway, which is an interactive off-Broadway show appearing in Times Square. This show is recommended for ages six and up. The audience is the ones who determine the subject for each show. You can see the show on:

Fridays at 8:15 pm
Saturdays at 3:00 (matinee) & 8:15 pm
Sundays at 4:00 (matinee) & 8:00 pm
Mondays at 8:15 pm

They make fun of everything from Twilight to Sarah Palin to Spiderman, to ponys that steel kidneys. They do spoofs of Tiger Woods, iCarly, American Idol and more. You never know what to expect because the they do something different for every show. Tickets can be purchased online so it is easy to reserve a spot right from your computer. This hilarious presentation is making me want to go to New York just so I can check out this show.

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