April 13, 2010

Author Guest Post: Bill Walker

For most of my guest posts, I've been asked to write about various aspects of the writing process.  For this one, I thought I'd take a few moments to reflect upon the nature of fate.  To some, FATE is a four-letter word, worse than all the others, as it flies in the face of those who firmly believe they have complete control over their lives.  To others, fate is a force fully woven into the fabric of our existence, a force to be respected, as what one does in this life has repercussions, like ripples on still pond.

I think I sit more comfortably in the latter camp, as I sometimes feel that no matter what I do, certain things are pre-ordained, or at the very least subject to external forces over which I have little or no control.  For instance, I believe it was my destiny to write this book, yet I have no control over how that book is perceived or interpreted by others.  In casting that literary bread upon the waters, I can only hope my readers enjoy the story and take something away from it, something deeper than mere entertainment.

One of the themes the book addresses is that of "Soul Mates," the idea that somewhere out there is the one perfect match for everyone.   This is a very powerful concept for me.  In writing Brian and Joanna's story, I portrayed their connection as both primal and sublime.  For these two people there is the obvious and undeniable physical attraction, as well as attractions that are intellectual, artistic, and spiritual.  Their feelings for each other are profound, sincere, and irresistible.  However, as perfectly matched as they are, life--fate, if you will--gets in the way and forces them apart.  Still, their love endures over time, neither one of them able to forget the other, even though each has gone on with the their lives.

The other reason for writing this book was because I wanted to create a romantic story from a man's perspective.  So many books are written from the female point of view that it's almost considered de rigueur, a convention of the genre rarely breached.  Well, I've always been a bit of a boat-rocker, and I believe this book will show the average female reader just what makes their guys tick.  We men are brought up to be strong, silent types, something modern life is making harder and harder to reconcile.  And I don't believe we should have to hide our feelings.  We men love our women deeply and intently and we WANT to show those feelings without fear of rejection and ridicule.  Perhaps when society accepts that a man can be intensely romantic beyond the macho stereotypes, then finding our soul mates may be far easier....

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Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Bridget. Much appreciated.

  2. Oh wow! I'll have to check out the book! I think it would be a refreshing change to read about love from the male perspective!