April 28, 2010

Author Guest Post: Robin Leigh Miller

Step into My World

Kick butt women plowing through life, mowing down anyone in their way and taking no prisoner’s, that’s who you’ll read about in my stories. Hi, I’m Robin Leigh Miller and I write fictional paranormal romance, contemporary romance, thriller romance and soon – hopefully – horror romance. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Sounds like I’m standing in front of an addiction group admitting my faults, doesn’t it? Good. If loving to read and write is a fault I’ll live with it and please, no attempts to cure me.

I love to read, understatement of the century. I wasn’t a big reader as a child but if I found a book that caught my interest there was no pulling me away until I read “The End.” Mostly I read mysteries. Trying to figure out who done it was my greatest joy. Life, however, dictated when I read and unfortunately that wasn’t very often. Warp speed to about nine or so years ago and my mother gave me a box of books she’d gathered from her shelves. I looked them over, began reading the first page of romance and next thing I knew, I finished it. Two days tops.

Some books I couldn’t make it through. There were too boring, nothing there to hold my interest. The books I devoured were books with action, danger, paranormal elements and a hot romance that you knew couldn’t exist in real life but man it was fun to read about it. Reading became my way of holding onto my sanity. With three children ranging in age from fifteen to eight, sanity can become an enigma.

I could connect with heroine’s that were strong willed. The kind of women that even though their heart may be breaking they could turn and walk away from a situation with their heads held high. Women that would dive headfirst into what society would deem as a man’s world, take the kicks and forge on. Ah yes, my kind of world.

See, I began dipping my toe in “the man’s world” when I was about thirteen. I joined our local Civil Air Patrol because I knew they did search and rescue, a field I was interested in. After I joined, had my military uniform and signed all the proper papers, I found out I wouldn’t be able to do any of the search and rescue. Why you ask? I’ll tell you, because I was the only girl in the squad. Seems I couldn’t camp out overnight with a bunch of males if there weren’t any other females along.

‘kay, so, go find some. How hard could that be, right? Turns out it was harder than I thought. So, when they’d do a training weekend, I’d hike down off the mountain, someone would pick me up and take me home and then I’d return the next morning. Ugh, I hated that. Everything they did, I had to work extra hard to accomplish because huge road blocks were thrown up in front of me. Still, I wanted to do it so I pushed on.

Little did I know I was preparing myself for my future. (grin) Three years later I slid behind the wheel of a race car. Sixteen and strapped into a seat with a helmet on, the cold night air biting into my muscles and making me shiver. Maybe it was nerves that made me shiver, no. We’ll go with the cold night air. Oh, and the only girl on the track.

No one took me seriously at first. I guess they all figured I’d do my one night thing, find out how “scary” it was and never come back. Hmm, wonder what they were thinking six years later when I was still strapping myself into a seat with a helmet on? Most of the other drivers were pretty cool and treated me with respect, as long as I treated them with respect. Some, no so much. Girls didn’t belong on the track. They belonged in the stands cheering the men on. Not in my world. Needless to say I heard some very nasty comments from people and did my share of dodging deliberate hits on the track. Then I learned to hit back.

I did try running in a powder puff division–all women-at another track in a dune buggy. I got kicked out. It suited me fine. I preferred rubbing metal with the men.

Today, I’m the nervous mother watching my son walk in his mother’s and father’s foot steps. Yes, I married one of my competitors twenty-one years ago. He claims he got tired of chasing me around the track. Now I help my son work on his car. Oh, and me and the hubby, we make a living building race engines. Yep, I work on them too, another step into a man’s world.

So you see, I took that old advice, write what you know about, seriously. Mix in a little paranormal or action, not to mention a man that thinks he can tame the head strong woman, and you’ve got my version of romance.

My name is Robin Leigh Miller and I’m an adrenaline junkie. Care to step into my world?

Robin Leigh Miller knows a little about finding romance in odd places. A retired dirt track racecar driver, she found love and adventure on the track. After three months of dating a fellow driver, he proposed and seven months later, they married. Now she gets her adrenaline rush from creating spunky, determined kick ass women that don’t let anything get in their way. Mix in her passion for the paranormal, action and adventure and you have some unique thrilling stories. Enter a world where anything can happen and hold on tight. It’s a bumpy ride but worth the trip as you watch her characters plow through what life throws at them and come out the other side more powerful and of course in love.  Visit Robin Leigh Miller www.robinleighmiller.com

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Cerridwen Press
292 pages
Jan. 22, 2010
$14.99 US

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post. If you purchase a book using my Amazon or Barnes and Noble link, I will receive a small portion of the purchase price.

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