April 6, 2010


Did you know that there are lots of little things that you can do to make your
home energy efficient? I see a lot of focus on the big things and that's great but we need to remember that every little bit will add up to a lot.

I am all for Energy saving. I try to make sure that I turn the lights out when I'm not in a room and unplug appliances when they aren't in use. I have decided that our next purchase for home appliances will be energy efficient.

Did you know that you can visit www.microsoft-hohm.com to find out how to make sure that your home is energy efficient? You can even see a pie chart that shows the energy cost breakdown in your area. You can also see the annual energy costs in your area to find out how much you could save by switching to energy efficient appliances. There are federal tax credits and rebates available on certain products. Here are a few tips that I found helpful:

Using low power modes when your computer isn't being used can save you about $49 per year.

Lowering the temperature on you water heater can save around $58 per year.

Switch to higher efficiency light bulbs and put about $97 in your pockets each year. I have purchased the energy saving light bulbs and they might be more expensive than the others but they also last three times as long.

A high efficient heat pump can save you over $1000.

After each load of laundry dried in the dryer, clean out the lint trap.

Only use your washer and dishwasher when you have full loads.

The amount of information out there to help with energy is massive. Some of these things I had never even thought of before. Let's all do our part and try to make the planet a better place.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Any opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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