April 29, 2010


Samantha hasn't had an easy life. Actually, that is an understatement. Samantha lost both of her parents at the hands of a murder and she nearly shared their fate. How did she survive while her parents did not? A spirit helped her escape and now the spirit is working through Samantha to help others in similar situations. Everything is going well until she has to help a military team who do not want a beautiful woman distracting their rescue tactics and saving a scientist in Afghanistan. Can Sam keep her eye on her mission or will she succumb to the desires of a lieutenant?

I believe in spirit guides which was the main reason that I wanted to read this book. There have been way too many powerful occurrences in my life and I know that I couldn't have made it out alone. Also, my husband served in Afghanistan (and I know that angels must have been looking over him) so I enjoyed reading a book that struck close to home. Robin was able to grasp a woman's emotion, when loving a soldier, perfectly.

Cerridwen Press
292 pages
Jan. 22, 2010
$14.99 US

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