April 25, 2010

Review: Broken Glass Park by Alina Bronsky

Sascha is a teenager and now, an orphan. Instead of dreaming about getting out and making something of herself, instead she has killing on the brain. She is not a psychopath, she just wants to avenger her mother's murder. Who is the target? Her stepfather Vadim.

Sascha is the perfect character. She's smart, fun but deadly if you mess with the people she cares about. I cheered her on from first page.

Europa Editions, Incorporated
March 2010
366 pages
$15.00 US

About Alina (copied from press release):
Born in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Alina Bronsky has been the subject of constant praise and debate since her debut novel, Broken Glass Park, was published in Germany in 2008. She has been hailed as a literary prodigy and her novel as “an explosive debut” (Emma Magazine) nominated for the prestigious Bachmann Prize. Now, “surprising, poetic, extremely well-crafted” (Cologne Stradtrevue) Broken Glass Park makes its first appearance in English in Tim Mohr’s masterful translation.

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