May 30, 2010

Review: Acing Depression by Cliff Richey with Hilaire Richey Kallendorf PhD

Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care about the color of your skin or the amount of money you have. It doesn't care if you have a loving family or if you're all alone. Even though everyone's life is different, there are some basic characteristics of depression that are present in the person suffering.

I suffer from depression, which is the main reason I was interested in reviewing this book. Cliff, the tennis star who won many games back in the 1970's, had his own mental illness to deal with. Our story is somewhat similar in that both of us would lay in bed for hours crying without knowing why these tears were falling. Cliff's ten years of fighting this setback was a brutal battle but he wasn't a quitter and in the end he learned how to deal the cards he was dealt.

His honestly in this book is extremely touching. I know a lot of people who think that it's weird that I will admit to anyone that I've had mental issues but the thing they don't realize is what a relief it is to say it and accept it. Plus, if you have truly come to terms with your disease, you want to let the world know that it is possible to live a somewhat normal life, if you're willing to work at it. It's not easy or fun but you come out stronger than you ever could have imagined. I feel like Cliff is a kindred spirit and I'm really glad that he has shared his story and I know that this book will help others with the same illness.

New Chapter Press, Incorporated
April 1, 2010
300 pages
$19.95 US

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