June 3, 2010

Blair Catalog

I've always been a fan of catalogs.  I prefer making purchases that allow me to stay in my home.  I hate crowds, unless of course, it's for a major event like a concert or the midnight showing of Twilight.  Even as a teen, I was not interested in trying on clothes.  I would go to the mall with friends and stuff but for the most part I just bought CD's and books.  Every month my mom would buy me a new outfit for church and I always dreaded it.  Not because I was embarrassed to be seen with my mom, like most normal teens, I hated it because she always made me try stuff on before she bought it.  Now that I'm an adult and don't have to put myself through the dressing room agony, I only shop at places where I can return it if it doesn't fit.  Online and catalogs are my two favorite ways to shop.  I like being able to sit down and search a website for the perfect item rather than going from one store to another to another and so on.       

Blair's online catalog offers several different products.  You can find stuff for women, men, your home, pet and jewelry.  They are celebrating one hundred years of business.  Find over one hundred fashions that cost less than $15.  You can save up to 85% with their clearance items.  If spend $19.95 for a Blair membership, you will receive free shipping for an entire year.  That will save you up to $15.95 for every order you place.  I'm already thinking about what products I would buy.  Something for my dog, a couple of mens dress shirts, maybe a pair of shoes for myself. 

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by www.blair.com.  Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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