June 19, 2010

Giveaway: Still the One by Robin Wells

Full Description*

Robin Wells takes us back to Chartreuse, Louisiana, for a deeply moving story of forgiveness and second chances.

After Katie Charmaine's husband is killed in Iraq, all she has left is a closet full of his clothes, a few pictures, and fond memories. She not only lost her love, but her last chance to have the children she's always wanted. Until Zack Ferguson shows up in town . . . with the daughter Katie gave up for adoption nearly seventeen years ago.

Zack Ferguson has never forgotten Katie, or the one magical night they spent together. Seeing her again brings up a tidal wave of emotions: regret over the way he left her, anger at the secret she kept, and desire he hasn't felt in years. But he's in town for Gracie. Their daughter is sixteen, angry at the world, and-worst of all-pregnant. She needs the love of her two parents now more than ever. Can these three forgive the hurts of the past and open their hearts to each other?

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Book Club Discussion Questions

Still the One addresses several different themes. Here are some questions to consider as you discuss the

• In what ways were Zack’s life views shaped by his parents’ marriage?
• In what ways were Katie’s choices shaped by her mother’s lifestyle?
• In what ways were Gracie’s views shaped by the things her adopted mother told her about her
birth mother?
• How did their views change over the course of the book? How did the characters in the book
influence each other?

• Did the fact that Dave had a drinking problem mitigate his behavior? Why or why not?
• How big a role did social embarrassment play in Annette’s decision to divorce Dave and leave
Chartreuse? Was that a valid reason?
• Which was a bigger wrong: Dave cheating on Annette, or Annette’s unwillingness to forgive
• Does forgiveness of an infidelity mean that the wronged spouse should always take back the
straying spouse? Why or why not?
• Katie felt that loving Zack was somehow a betrayal of her love for Paul. Why do you think she
felt this way?

• Gracie had ambivalent feelings about the baby when she was pregnant. Do you agree with her
decision to keep the baby instead of giving it up for adoption? Why or why not?
• Was Katie wrong to encourage Gracie to keep the baby? Do you think she was influenced by
her own regrets or by her desire to help Gracie raise the baby? If so, were those selfish or
loving motives?

• Dave’s heart attack was a moment of awakening for Annette. The birth of Gracie’s baby was a
break-through moment for Zack. Do you believe that a life event can profoundly change a
person? Why or why not?
• Are these changes permanent, or do people usually revert to their old ways?
• Have you ever had a profound life experience that changed a core belief or made you take your
life in a new direction?

• Annette needed to forgive Dave’s infidelity and his lack of time and attention when they were
married. For what did Dave need to forgive Annette?
• Who did Gracie need to forgive? Why was it important for her to do so?
• Zack and Katie needed to forgive each other. Who else did they need to forgive?
• Does the father of Gracie’s baby deserve forgiveness? Are some things unforgivable? Why or
why not?

• All of the characters in the book let go of something-- emotions, objects, beliefs, habits, etc.
Name the things that each had to let go of in order to gain the things they wanted:
o Katie
o Zack
o Gracie
o Annette
o Dave
• What things have you let go of in your life? Is there anything that you need to release in order
to move forward?

432 pages

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5 of my readers a copy of this book
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Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for hosting this giveaway.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  If you purchase a book using my Amazon or Barnes and Noble link, I will receive a small portion of the purchase price.

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