June 18, 2010

I Have Not Curbed My Enthusiasm For Larry David

This is a guest post by Fred Blakeney

So, you think you’re a Larry David fan? Yeah, well that might be the case, but you’re nowhere near the level I am. I was a big fan of Larry David when he wrote Seinfeld. Then, when Curb Your Enthusiasm came around, the infatuation was taken to another level. No, I don’t mean in that kind of way. I just love how brutally honest and creative he is. Not only have I tried to mirror his ways, but I have also attempted to look like him. I’m a lot younger, but I think I have somewhat successfully pulled it off. I shaved part of my head and I put my slacks, sports jacket, and sneakers on, on a daily basis.
There is only one way for me to make sure I can continue to live and be like Larry, which is by watching every single episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm – several times. I set my DVR on direct TV to the right time and I’m set. I know you might think I’m being a hypocrite by not watching Curb Your Enthusiasm when it airs, but I do have a job you know? And, yes, it’s the night shift. Do I sound like the type of person that could pull off a 9 to 5? Didn’t think so.
When I was a kid, I was a big basketball fan and always wanted to be like Mike. Now, I have a more realistic dream, which is to be like Larry. Other than the fame and fortune, I think I’m actually pulling it off.

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