June 25, 2010


I can't believe how much a new pair of prescription eyeglasses are. I'm the type of person who goes through three or four pairs of glasses a year. I sit on a pair, stand on a pair and lose a pair. Everyone wants to save money but how much is your sight worth? I'm sure you have heard of Zenni Optical. They sell eyeglasses at low, low prices. I've been reading a really interesting forum about Zinni Optical. At first I thought it was a great idea but now I'm beginning to question myself. Sight is extremely important. While Zinni is more than budget friendly, are they really helping you at all? They want you to go to a professional eye doctor to get your Pupillary Distance (PD) with measures the distance between the pupils of your eyes. Why should an eye doctor give you this information if he is not making a profit? Also, everyone's face isn't the same. I have one ear that is up higher than the other. Because of this, I have to mess with glasses and sunglasses for a long time and I just have to hope that they'll fit right. If you purchase eyeglasses from a professional, they know how to work the glasses to fit perfectly on your face.

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  1. My husband & I measured our own Pupillary Distance (PD) and then ordered our glasses from Zenni Optical.
    The glasses were perfect (2 pairs each), so we put in another order (another 2 pairs each).
    We recommended Zenni Optical to my brother. He wasn't sure about measuring his PD, so I did it for him.
    He ordered 2 pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical and also had great results.
    Directions for measuring your own PD can be found online. It is best to have someone help you with this.

    FYI: I have no affiliation with Zenni Optical.