June 28, 2010


I could really use a nice watch. A lot of people I know are now using their cell phones to tell them the time but a lot of them also let their cell phone battery die and then they end up asking around to find out what time it is. Or they end up sitting their phone down somewhere and forgetting where they put it. I’m guilty of that too.

I really like the fact that watches can double as a fashion accessory. I want a watch that turns heads. I don't wear jewelry very often and I would feel a lot more comfortable wearing a traser h3 watch than wearing a tennis bracelet. I think my husband is the real reason I feel this way. He loves having a nice watch and whenever I look at his wrist, it looks nice because it's not bare.

My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about asking for a gorgeous watch. I want one that is loud, like a bright red or purple. It would be really cool to get a watch that matches one of my purses. I want to be stylish and I always feel better when I get out of the house and feel put-together. What are your thoughts on watches and their style?

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