July 1, 2010

Review: D-n-D Aromas Candle

I'm a freak when it comes to candles and their scents.  I love fruity, fresh smells that make a room come to life.  D-n-D Ranch Aromas has more scents than any other candle place I know of.


Despite the fun candle themes, seriously scented candles live at D-n-D Ranch Aromas Candle & Gift Shop and www.DnDRanchAromas.com. D-n-D Ranch Aromas candles are fantastically fragrant with scents to die for that last. D-n-D Ranch Aromas scented candles are created by a candle lover for candle lovers. Chief Candle Creator Michelle Duncan hand pours every one at the Colorado Springs retail shop, 2616 W Colorado Avenue (Shop #1), in the heart of Old Colorado City.  At D-n-D Ranch Aromas Candle & Gift Shop and DnDRanchAromas.com, you’ll find fantastically fragrant, long-lasting, hand-poured scented candles in countrified jars (mason, jelly and more), keepsake tins, votives, tealights and tarts. Think of D-n-D Ranch Aromas scented candles for all your special holidays and occasions – any and all life events. You can even customize and personalize. One scented candle at a time, we’re fulfilling the candle lover’s dream of a long-lasting, fragrant candle. D-n-D Ranch Aromas: Seriously fragrant candles Scent from the Country.

I received the Missassee's Magic Mango and it smells fantastic!  It had me craving fruit.  My favorite thing about this candle is that it has just the right scent power to fill a room without smothering you.  This particular scent is available all year long. 

Available Containers: 

Jar Candles
Keepsake Candles
Candle Tarts
Candle Tart Warmers
Votive Candles
Tea Light Candles

I have to say that this is the best candle I have ever had and I'm now saying no to Yankee Candles and yes to D-n-D.  Once you smell these quality candles, you'll never be able to go back to your old brand, trust me.

Disclosure:  I received a candle in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

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