July 7, 2010

Review: Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell

Emma used to work with the CIA but she recently accepted a job at St. Kilda, a consulting firm. While looking into the disappearance of a yacht, Blackbird, that is going to be used in an attack against American's. She teams up with Mac, who used to be a special ops soldier. Little do they know, they are being watched by someone who wants Blackbird so bad, he is willing to go after it at any cost. This man, Taras, is about to make Emma and Mac remember what it's like to be targeted by someone with an endless amount of resources. Will they recover Blackbird and stay alive or will a piece of America feel the wrath?

This wasn't one of my favorite books but it is entertaining. I liked the plot and the writing, I just couldn't seem to connect with the characters.

Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell
HarperCollins Publishers
June 8, 2010
392 pages
$24.99 US


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