July 10, 2010

Review: Voit 5' Voosh Air Hockey Table

CSN Stores contacted me about reviewing one of their products. My husband, James, and I looked through the site and he found the Voit 5' Voosh Air Hockey Table that was available for a discounted price of $65 because it was a returned item.

I have wanted an air hockey table ever since I was little. Still to this day, I get excited about playing. I'm pretty good at it too. This product was definitely worth $65.

I think that the directions could have been more clear. Thankfully, my husband is handy when it comes to this stuff and he was able to figure it out. My main concern with this item is that there isn't really enough air power. Still, it's an awesome table and I'm really glad that we have added it to our "game room".


* Easily glides across the playing surface due the table's powerful 110v, 2400 rpm heavy duty fan and air box
* Manual scoring
* Includes assembly and game instructions
* Assembly takes about 1 hour


* Material: Wood, plastic, metal
* Table dimensions: 32" H x 60" W x 28" D
* Table weight: 58 lbs

Price: $129.99

Disclosure: I received products from this company in exchange for an honest review.  Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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