July 26, 2010

Review: Your Health in Your Hands: Living and Aging Well

Product Description:

This guide to living and aging well, provides details around actions and attitude changes that will affect the quality of your physical health and appearance. Many of the topics discussed will surprise and shock the beginner to the conversation of health and aging as something you can control. Kathy has influenced countless men and women to change their choices and change their lives. The premise behind this book is the body being a closed self healing unit needs to be nourished and it will present health and beauty. The first step, renewing the mind, involves examining lifelong belief about health and how diseases are manifest. Kathy, along with other health care providers and physicians, has looked beyond how genes affect health to how lifestyle affects genes. This work is part of the paradigm shift, (epi) genetics that is happening around the world in reference to the ability that human beings have to control their health. Your Health in Your Hands is a journey; suggesting we must take every action we can to obtain better health. Interesting and informative topics you may not have considered about food choices and recipes in a "how to" cooking section give you the tools you need for healthy lifestyle decisions. The author is always present as the coach, teacher, mentor, and guide but clearly believes YOU are the major key to your better health.

No woman likes the fact that we all must one day grow old. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of your body and your mind. Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable but there are ways to postpone them. I'm under 30 and I already use anti-aging products. Science has come a long way which is great, but the best thing you can do is think about yourself and your what you need to do to be healthy.

I liked how Kathy presented herself as a friend instead of a drill sergeant. She shares her own tips to benefit others in a way that gets you all pumped up. This is a great companion for those who are interested in bettering themselves from the inside out.

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274 pages
$23.99 US

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