August 24, 2010

Free Romance Novel Downloads - Sponsored Post

We're giving away THREE free chapters to a new romance novel called "Meet Me In Manhattan"

HERE'S WHAT'S UNIQUE ABOUT THIS BOOK - It is a "reality romance" which means that the story in the book is a true love story of a real-life couple. The author is a veteran romance novelist - Judith Arnold. She took the real-life story and wrote it in the style of a romance novel. This is the FIRST in a new subgenre of romance novels that are being called "reality-based romance."

This couple's story was published in the NY Times. An editor saw the story and contacted the couple to put them in the book. It's one of those fairy tale stories that everyone wants to believe could happen, but it rarely does in real life.

The story itself is great - the author is very well-known to romance readers - the fact that it is the first book of a new romance subgenre is unique... Pick the angle that you think your followers would find most interesting.

OUR GOAL - Is to get people to download (and read) the first three chapters for FREE. "Free" should not be a hard sell!

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