August 27, 2010

Movie quote game

Guest post written by Todd Bowman

For years my family and I have played this game where one of us quotes a line from a movie and the others try to guess. Sometimes we play a more complicated version where if you don’t get it you can pass onto the next person but have to answer to quotes correctly the next time or the same thing happens again.

This sounds pretty complicated, but we’re all big movie watchers and have seen most of the same movies – so it’s pretty fair. At last Christmas, we appropriately sat around the living room during downtime and played the game with Christmas movie quotes. I was having trouble hearing my daughter say one and when I passed it on it I realized it was from “Christmas Vacation,” which I have memorized. She suggested that if I couldn’t tell what that one was that maybe I needed hearing aids so after the holiday I got some hearing tests in Georgia while I was still visiting them and visited Miracle Ear California once I was home again.

I don’t think I’ll be missing any Clark Griswold quotes again anytime soon.

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  1. great story, if only everyone went for a hearing test at least once a year to see if they needHearing Aids then they would be able to hear better just like you.