August 19, 2010

My Favorite Prime Time Drama Law and Order

Guest post written by Rolf Tate

My favorite prime time drama television show is law and order, but not just any law and order. I just love the first law and order episodes of criminal intent staring actress Kathryn Erbe, as Detective Alexandra Eames and actor Vincent D"Onofrio, who played Detective Robert Goren. Between the two of them they starred in over 136 episodes.

I love and watch law and order criminal intent reruns every chance I get and right now they are plentiful. Some direcTV stations even hold marathons playing reruns of this show over and over for days on end. I love Vincent D"Onofrio so much, not only because he is a fantastic actor but he just plays the part of Detective Robert Goren so well. He always gets the suspect to confess in the end using his unique approach and he just makes the show so very interesting to watch.

He just has a way about him that no other actor I know has. He would start out by just beating around the bush, as they say and before you know it he had the suspect confessing. I also like the show a lot because there is no real follow up in court it just ends with the suspect or suspects being lead off to jail. His partner Kathryn Erbe is also one of the best actresses I have ever seen. She just works so well with Vincent. I have all the reruns on tape and still watch them when I am not able to find a rerun on TV, which by the way is very rare.

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