September 15, 2010

Review: TMJ Cured by Philip J. Taylor, DDS

TMJ is a potentially debilitating disorder whose underlying causes and cure are poorly understood by mainstream dentistry. Patients often complain not of pain in the jaw but of headaches, 'clicking' in the jaw, digestive problems, poor eyesight and more.

If this sounds like you, Dr. Philip L. Taylor, a dentist of fifty-nine years and an expert in this field, will have you running for your nearest dentist as he makes a convincing, well-documented case that a bite correction procedure is the most effective way to address jaw joint disorders. He educates both patients arid dentists about:

* What causes TMJ

* The five requirements for making your jaw work correctly

* Myths about commonly recommended treatments of TMJ

* Why gnathology, or "the science of the jaws" works

* What to expect from this revolutionary procedure

TMJ Cured includes eye-opening testimonials from patients of Dr. Taylor whose lives were changed drastically for the better through bite correction procedures. A revolutionary book in the field of dentistry, TMJ Cured is a must-read for dentists who want to improve their practice and TMJ patients who want to improve their lives.

TMJ sucks!  It is one of the worst disorders a person can have.  My jaws hurt constantly and I get horrible headaches.  Reading TMJ Cured taught me a lot about why and how correcting my bite can help.  I am really glad that I read this because it was easy to understand and held the insight needed to help myself.  Anyone who suffers from TMJ needs this book.

Truth in Dentistry Publishing
January 1, 2010
176 pages
$19.95 US

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  1. Interesting. I might look into this, but I'll go see my dentist on Friday first.