October 24, 2010

Review: Dreams by Brittany Glynn

Human reason tells her she's crazy - the voice she hears tells otherwise.

Emerald McGinty experiences dreams and visions and is diagnosed with schizophrenia. When she stumbles upon a trail of hidden secrets, her father decides to send her away to a special clinic. She flees her home to a safe haven in the Colorado Rockies where she meets a rancher who suggests he recognizes the voice she hears. Battered by a relentless storm of strange encounters, Emerald struggles to discover her reality.
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Touching, refreshing and entertaining.  Dreams captured my attention immediately and held on to it throughout the entire book.  I give it 4 stars.

Cool Titles
October 12, 2010
328 pages
$14.99 US

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Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book for free.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  If you make a purchase using my Amazon or Barnes and Noble link, I will receive a small portion of the purchase price.

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