October 3, 2010

Review: Rasputin's Legacy by Troy Matthew Carnes

What if the two most ruthless mass murderers inhistory wanted you dead? 

Giorgi Lazarov is only a young boy, but he can predict the future.  Until recently, only one person on earth knew that Giorgi's remarkable gift was passed down from his famous grandfather Grigori Rasputin.  But now the two most dangerous men in the world know of his special power.  Adolf Hitler learns of him through SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler's most gifted witch, and Joseph Stalin finds out when an insane prostitute languishing in an asylum claims to have borne Rasputin's child.  She is in fact Giorgi's grandmother.
Now, as the Nazi war machine invades the Soviet Union, launching the bloodiest conflict in human history, both Hitler and Stalin want him desperately.  They send their most capable assassins to find the boy and either claim his power for their cause or make certain that he does not live to be used against them.  When the Germans capture his village, Giorgi is separated from his parents, and he finds himself in a world of madness and utter evil where it seems there are only killers and corpses.  

The people of the Ukraine can see no hope for salvation, but Giorgi can see everything...   

Rasputin's Legacy sucks you in and holds your attention from cover to cover.  Troy's words are remarkable and he can paint a picture with just a few sentences.  Five stars!

Black Rose Writing
June 3, 2010
428 pages
$18.95 US

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