December 20, 2010

Giveaway: Beneath The Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy

He's a ruler in a divided world...
In a magical watery world of the Sea Forest, the divide between the rulers and the people is an uncrossable chasm. Handsome, arrogant prince Korl Com'nder has lived a life of luxury that is nothing more than a fantasy to the people he rules. Until the day he is accidentally kidnapped by a beautiful outlaw smuggler and is forced to open his eyes to the world outside his palace walls. 

She's an outcast, but at least she has her independence...
Mahri Zin would stop at nothing to save her village, and when they needed a healer she didn't think twice about kidnapping one. But when she realizes that the healer she so impulsively stole is none other than the crown prince of Sea Forest, Mahri knows that she has a chance to change the fate of her people...
2 of my readers will win a copy of this book
Open to residents of the US and Canada
The book(s) will be mailed out by the publisher


You MUST visit Kathryne's guest post here and leave a comment there asking her a question.


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  3. Do you approve the cover art/photography for your works?

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