January 8, 2011

Celebrating New Year's responsibly

Guest post written by Tammy Huffman

When it comes to New Year's, the most important thing at the annual party that I have is a DD because I wanted people to be able to have fun and not worry about driving home or endangering others' lives by driving home. In our group of friends, we rotate DD responsibilities and this year my husband's going to be responsible for that. The only reason that I'm not doing it is because I'm hosting and need to be available and at our house all night.

When I sent out e-invites for our party with our bundle clear internet, I made sure to write at the bottom of them that my husband would DD for people. A lot of our friends that are coming actually live in our development so it won't take long to take them home. The mini-van is also good for something besides soccer practice.

I'm sure that this NYE is going to amazing, especially since I won't have to worry about the people at my party drunk driving.

Disclosure:  This post is brought to you by http://www.cleartvbundle.com.

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  1. This is also why we make our house available every year for people to crash overnight. Friends have taken us up on this offer every year.

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