January 21, 2011


First off, I want to apologize for my lack of reviews and giveaways and for not telling you this sooner.  Normally I post a lot more and I want to let you all know why there haven't been quite as many as usual.  I have been going through a rough time right now and for some reason blogging has become a bit difficult for me.  As some of you may know, I suffer from depression and blogging used to be the best medicine for me.  Lately though, it's become really hard.  I have decided to let you all in on my secret even though this is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done because I see it as a sign of weakness and to share it, well, it's just really hard.  After some soul searching, I discovered a few things. 

#1 - Blogging means the world to me

I think that in the back of my mind I do things so that I won't be happy because I don't feel that I deserve happiness. 

#2 - I need to stop being so closed off

Blogging could be the perfect therapy.  I'm sure some of you are struggling with depression and one of the most important things you need to know is that you are not alone.

So, I'm making a New Year's Resolution, better late than never, and I am going to try to be more open with you all about myself. 

Thank you for understanding and I really do appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. You hang in there, girl! You need to keep on blogging and connecting with people online. We can all be your "cheerleaders."

    Also, there are other things you can try to lift your spirits:
    1. exercise to favorite music
    2. get lost in a good book (this really does the trick for me!)
    3. get involved in a women's group (Book Club, Bible Study,etc.)
    4. take a long walk in the sunshine
    5. go shopping
    6. pamper yourself (you deserve it)

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending a hug. ((Bridget))


  3. I know it's not like you not to blog and give giveaways. I missed seeing you in my Googlereader and on facebook. I'm so sorry about your depression. I also suffer with it. Winston Churchill called it a "black dog." I don't know a name for it. I know it's debilitating. I hope the very, very best to you. After all, you're one of the top voices Bloggerville. I truly do feel for you. Want to know your laughing again and enjoying your blog. Take care, Bridget.

  4. Sorry for the mistakes in my writing. I didn't edit closely. Please excuse.

  5. Been there! Done that! Still doing it! First of all, YOU'RE NOT WEAK! It's a chemical imbalance that some of us are "blessed" with so erase that guilt. Second, talk about it! Get into therapy (if you haven't already). It was VERY difficult for me to do at first because I, too, looked at it as being "weak" but therapy was one of the most liberating things I've ever done! Third, surround yourself with supportive family and friends. And fourth, take a walk! Get those endorphins going! You WILL get through this! Take care!

  6. I know what you are going through and agree with all the great suggestions. You will beat this if you just stay positive. Sometimes I just start singing a favorite positive song and I feel better. Get out every chance you can if only for 10-15 minutes. The sun is a powerful thing when you feel down as it does pick you up. I love your blogs and tho I might not reply to all I do enjoy them. Have you tried meditation? This has also helped me. Just keep positive happy thoughts and you will feel better.
    Hang in there..
    Remember we are here if you need us.

  7. Been there--
    you are not weak--
    you deserve to be happy!
    Do what makes you happy as long a it doesn't hurt anyone else.
    Exercise helped me-I walk daily
    Helping others also made me feel better

  8. Hey Bridget -I will keep you in my prayers. Try not to let the blog become a chore - sometimes I almost feel mine is too much and I think I should take a break. I hope you know that many of your blogging following will be sending supportive thoughts your way. Take care of YOU! Blessings.