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Read The First 6 Chapters: The Power Of Six

In I Am Number Four, the Mogadorians have tracked down and killed the writers of the newsletter They Walk Among Us. But someone is continuing with the newsletter, sending out updates of what is happening to John and the rest of the Lorien Nine. Could it be a trap planted by the Mogadorians, or is it someone trying to help them? In the B&N exclusive version of The Power of Six, a new issue of the newsletter will be included in the back of the book as an eight-page gatefold, and it will be perforated for easy removal. 

Read the first seven chapters for free here!

THE AMBASSADOR'S MISSION by Trudi Canavan ebook $2.99

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Writing An Essay

Excerpt: County Line by Bill Cameron

No One Home
By Bill Cameron,
Author of County Line
To my credit, the first thing I don't do is go stand in the street outside her bedroom window, iPod in my pocket and portable speakers raised above my head. Not that she has a bedroom window -- nothing so prosaic for Ruby Jane Whittaker. The point is I show uncharacteristic restraint and so -- lucky me -- miss out on the chance to watch a man die.

I've been away a month. Ruby Jane called it a retreat, a chance to get my head screwed on at last after a long winter brooding and recovering from a bloody confrontation which left three dead and me with a near-fatal gunshot wound. She's the one who found The Last Homely House, an out-of-the-way bed-and-breakfast at the coast esteemed for a breathtaking ocean view and the curative powers of its hot springs. When I asked if she'd chosen the spot because it sat in a cellular dead zone in a dale on a precipitous headland, she laughed and told me I'd have to hike i…

Back In Action

I am happy to say that I am back in action.  Thank you to everyone for understanding that I needed to take some time for myself.  I will be working hard to make up for the time I took off.  Oh, and I have not forgotten about picking giveaway winners.  I hope to get that done today or tomorrow.

Taking A Few Days Off

A friend of mine passed away last night and I will be taking a few days for myself.  Thank you so much for understanding.