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Giveaway: End the Fed by Ron Paul Audio Book

Over 4,000 students gathered at the University of Michigan to hear Republican Party candidate Ron Paul speak. As he began to address the topics of monetary policy and the coming depression, a chant rose from the crowd, "End the Fed! End the Fed!" As dollar bills were lit on fire and thrown into the night skies, it became clear that the real problem, one that nobody in the media was talking about, was the central bank-an unconstitutional entity and a political, economic, and moral disaster.

Most people don't give a second thought to the Federal Reserve, but they should. In END THE FED, Ron Paul argues that the Fed is both corrupt and dangerously autonomous, inflating currency today at nearly a Weimar or Zimbabwe level. What most people don't realize is that the Fed is actually working against their own personal interests. Ron Paul's urgent appeal tells us how we went wrong and what we need to do fix America's economic structure for future generatio…

A Royal Deal: Signed Copy & Kate's Bio + FREE Kings and Queens of England App!

Watch a live Sky News stream of the wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton from within the app itself as Sky's expert commentators elaborate on key elements of the ceremony!

• Signed paperback copy of David Starkey's Crown & Country: The Kings & Queens of England: A History.

• Paperback copy of Claudia Joseph's Kate: The Making of a Princess

• Redeemable iTunes offer code, for Kings and Queens app by David Starkey and HarperCollins Publishers. Code for app to be emailed to purchasers later on.

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Blog Tour Review: Bound by Darkness by Alexis Morgan

Caught between two worlds, a powerful warrior must choose between impossible destinies when he meets a woman whose love will either make or break him. . . .

As the daughter of a Regent, Sasha has long known about the secret underworld of the Paladins and their work protecting her kind from the dark forces on the other side of the energy barrier. So when she is sent on her first solo investigation, on the path to becoming the first female Regent, she is determined to get the Seattle Paladins in line. Offering sanctuary to their Kalith enemies is simply unacceptable! But when she meets Larem, she is inexorably drawn to a dark and valiant warrior who is not at all what he appears to be. As the power struggle between Regents and Paladins rages on, someone starts making attacks on her life. Sasha must choose between loyalty to her own kind and the warrior she loves . . . with the very fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

This is one of my favorite series and I am so glad th…

Blog Tour Review: Hush by Cherry Adair

Extreme sports enthusiasts Zackary Stark and his brother travel to the jungles of Venezuela to jump the highest falls in the world. Before they get to their destination they’re kidnapped. With them is the woman Zach shared a one night stand with the night before.

Kept prisoner in the jungles as they wait for a ransom to be paid, the brothers, knowing that payment will never come, plan a daring escape. They split up., Zak takes the woman with him, his brother takes a different route. They arrange to rendezvous in Rio in a week.

Zak is badly injured as they flee through the jungle. It’s touch and go, and he almost dies. After he recovers, he realizes that he’s acquired a strange and baffling new sixth sense. He sees a string of numbers running through his mind like a news crawl. He later discovers that the numbers are the global position location of his missing brother.

Zak and the woman return to the jungle to find his brother. But it’s not just their kidnappers they have to…

Giveaway: SONG OF THE SILK ROAD by Mingmei Yip


Blog Tour Review: Song of the Silk Road by Mingmei Yip

In this richly imaginative novel, Mingmei Yip--author of Peach Blossom Pavilion and Petals From the Sky--follows one woman's daunting journey along China's fabled Silk Road.

As a girl growing up in Hong Kong, Lily Lin was captivated by photographs of the desert--its long, lonely vistas and shifting sand dunes. Now living in New York, Lily is struggling to finish her graduate degree when she receives an astonishing offer. An aunt she never knew existed will pay Lily a huge sum to travel across China's desolate Taklamakan Desert--and carry out a series of tasks along the way. 

Intrigued, Lily accepts. Her assignments range from the dangerous to the bizarre. Lily must seduce a monk. She must scrape a piece of clay from the famous Terracotta Warriors, and climb the Mountains of Heaven to gather a rare herb. At Xian, her first stop, Lily meets Alex, a young American with whom she forms a powerful connection. And soon, she faces revelations that will redefine her past,…

Deliciously Divine...Death? Signed First Edition of Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson + Lore's Chocolates

• Signed first-edition copy of Diane Mott Davidson's New York Times bestselling tale of murder, mystery and mayhem, Crunch Time. Caterer and sleuth extraordinaire Goldy Schulz returns in another tasty and suspenseful adventure.

• To celebrate caterer Goldy's latest dishes, Lore's Chocolates, using the finest ingredients to make the finest chocolates, offers a special sampling of their famous Milk Caramels and Dark Vanilla Buttercreams. Induldge your taste buds as caterer and amateur sleuth-extraordinaire Goldy Schulz, digs into a deadly smorgasbord that includes a heaping helping of murder!

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Pretty Little Liars: Wanted + FREE Venom Gloss Set!

• Paperback copy of Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted.

• FREE Venom Gloss Set! Four colors of DuWop®'s Venom Gloss, one for each character! Lip Venom was the very first lip plumper on the market, creating the lip plumping category for the beauty industry. And If beautiful shine with stunning color and the Venom tingle is what you're looking for, Venom Gloss delivers. Blending that same spicy concoction of cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger with skin softening ingredients like jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil, beeswax for protection, and green tea for soothing, Venom Gloss gives you full, soft, hydrated lips.

Your four colors include:
• Love in a Mist
• Lantana
• Pink Champagne
• Berry Chill

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Sparkling Green! Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano + Better Life® Cleaning Kit!

• Earth Day should last all year long. Extend your compassion for the planet with Sophie Uliano's stylishly green guide, Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life.
• Green-up your cleaning routine with the four-pack Starter Kit from Better Life®. Cleaning happens daily, and in some cases hourly. It's a fact of life. But it shouldn't be hard and it definitely shouldn't be harmful. Not to you. Not to your family. And not to the planet!
• Your FREE Starter Kit includes:
-Even the Kitchen Sink: Gentle Green Scrubber, a versatile kitchen and bathroom cleanser and scrubber. 16 oz.
-what-EVER! Green All-Purpose Cleaner, safe and effective on all surfaces with no rinsing-just wipe clean. 32 oz!
-I Can See Clearly, Wow! Green Window and Glass Cleaner, easily removes fingerprints, nose prints and grime. 32 oz.
-Simply Floored! Green Floor Cleaner,a ready-to-use formula ultimate in convenience: just squirt directly on floor and mop. NO BUCKET, NO RINSING…

Review: The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees

In the bestselling tradition of Loving Frank and March comes a novel for anyone who loves Little Women. Millions of readers have fallen in love with Little Women. But how could Louisa May Alcott-who never had a romance-write so convincingly of love and heart-break without experiencing it herself? Deftly mixing fact and fiction, Kelly O'Connor McNees imagines a love affair that would threaten Louisa's writing career-and inspire the story of Jo and Laurie in Little Women. Stuck in small-town New Hampshire in 1855, Louisa finds herself torn between a love that takes her by surprise and her dream of independence as a writer in Boston. The choice she must make comes with a steep price that she will pay for the rest of her life.

While reading THE LOST SUMMER OF LOUISA MAY ALCOTT, I felt like I was transported to the past and living through the book.  It was amazing to see what things were like during the 19th century and be entertained all at the same time.  I definitely r…

The Cost Of College

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flat World Knowledge for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I still remember going to the bookstore before I started my Freshman year of college and how shocked I was when I looked at the prices on the books I needed.  I was absolutely floored!  Tuition costs plus the cost of books put a serious dent in my wallet.  Did you know that almost half of college students are in community colleges and up to 80% are in public institutions?  In 2010-2011, students spent about $1137 on textbooks and supplies?  With textbook costs rivaling the tuition cost, I can understand why some of my friends have been forced to drop out.  Flat World Knowledge is trying to change this and make getting an education more affordable.  By offering different formats of each textbook, it can drastically change the cost financially and emotionally.  I know I was worried about how I was going to be able to afford all of the supplies I needed and it caused a lo…

Giveaway: The Tender Mercy of Roses by Anna Michaels