June 2, 2017

Each Little Lie by Tom Bale Review

Jen is a pure soul with a heart of gold. Her decisions are based on honesty which lands her in a heap of trouble. She soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished. When the cops show up at her door and ask her to come down to the station, her first thought isn't for herself. Her mind goes to the most important person in her life, her son Charlie.

It becomes clear to Jen that she is being framed and being the strong woman that she is, she is determined to find out who is gunning for her and why. Her reasons for clearing her name are many. She is going through a divorce and doesn't want her playboy husband to be the only time model in Charlie's life.

She soon discovers how far the conspiracy goes. Someone will stop at nothing to destroy her. Each move she makes puts her in even greater danger. She is determined to clear her name and will stop at nothing to get her life back. Who has it out for Jen and why?

I immediately became engrossed in this book. The author has a unique way of drawing you in from the beginning. Even though I could predict what was coming, I thoroughly enjoyed this remarkable read. Jen is a relatable character that you can't help but admire. I loved being able to glimpse into her life and join in on her crazy adventure.

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I received a complementary copy of this book for review purposes.

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