June 8, 2017

Marco's Seeds by Nathan Smith Blog Tour Spotlight

Marco's Seeds
By Nathan Smith
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction. Scifi

Marco is a little quirky. He never knew he lived on a spaceship. Or that he had a special mission. But one day, when space debris ripped a hole in his section of the ship, he learned.

He and the other children scramble to fix the damaged ship. The other kids were taught useful repair skills, but all Marco knows about are plants and farming. Not very useful when trying to repair a broken spaceship.

To the other children, Marco is strange and useless, but soon they will learn that he is critical to the mission’s success.

About the Author

Writing is an addictive thing, especially when you start young. I started writing when I was sixteen. A friend convinced me to write a zombie survival story. When I wrote a foreword for my unpublishable zombie book, I accidently wrote the best sentence of my life. “As a scribe sold to my mind as a slave I am free.” This sentence sums up my work and why I write. I hope you enjoy my stories. You can get a hold of me through my DM on Instagram @nathanrsmithwriting or my contact page at http://nathansmithwriting.com. I’d love to connect and say “hi.”
On Amazon: http://amzn.to/2qQcbnX
This book is FREE for teens!  Visit the author’s website and use the online form to write a goal you have for your life: https://www.nathansmithwriting.com/marco-s-seeds
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