July 22, 2017

Delia's Crossing by V.C. Andrews #Giveaway

About the book:
Delia’s Crossing
V.C. Andrews®
Pocket Books
June 2017
ISBN: 9781501162220
The Delia Series, Book One

Book Summary:
A young immigrant comes to America to escape un sino cruel, a cruel fate…

After her parents are killed in a truck accident, Delia Yebarra’s life is turned upside down. At fifteen, she leaves the rural Mexican village where she grew up and embarks on a new life in America. Coming to her wealthy aunt Isabella’s huge estate in Palm Springs, California, should be a dream come true for a simple country girl like Delia…

Only to become un preso del destino, a prisoner of destiny…

Instead, her aunt refuses to acknowledge Delia’s heritage, relegating her to servants’ quarters with a licentious language tutor intent on exploiting the pretty, young foreigner. Her cousin Edward is kind, but cousin Sophia is cruel, manipulative, and resentful of Delia’s beauty. And just when Delia begins to embrace the life of a real American girl, a heartbreaking chain of events sends her spiraling back to a Mexico she hardly recognizes, making her wonder if she will ever find a place to call home.

About the author:
V.C. Andrews® has been a bestselling phenomenon since the publication of her classic Flowers in the Attic. That blockbuster novel began her renowned Dollanganger family saga, which includes Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday, and Garden of Shadows. Since then, readers have been captivated by more than seventy novels in V.C. Andrews’s bestselling series. V.C. Andrews’s novels have sold more than 106 million copies. Join the conversation about the world of V.C. Andrews at Facebook.com/OfficialVCAndrews.

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  1. Awesome giveaway! V.C. Andrews has always been my favorite author.

  2. I have read and enjoyed V. C. Andrews books for many years. Can't wait to read this series!

  3. I love V.C.Andrews books. I have read almost all of them

  4. Great Giveaway. Can't wait to start this series

  5. I have read books by V.C. Andrews and enjoyed them-thanks

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  6. I love reading any and all of V.C Andrews book series! Can't wait to start this one!

  7. It has been a long time since I read V.C. Andrews. I have read many of her books and they have all been great.

  8. I haven't read V.C. Andrews, but I look forward to it.

  9. v c andrews was one of the first authors that i read. i loved the flowers in the attic.

  10. I love to read V.C. Andrews. She is such a great writer.

  11. i loved the Flowers in the Attic series. This should be great.

    tiffany lane

  12. Loved V.C. Andrews when she was alive so very curious to read the newer books.

  13. When i was a teenager, over twenty years ago, my mother and I would wait for the latest VC Andrews book and fight over who would read it first. This one looks so good!

  14. I used to be obsessed with V.C. Andrews books. I especially liked the Dawn and Heaven series.

  15. The story intrigues me. The main character sounds great and I would love to read about her struggles to overcome her hardships and adjust to life in America.