August 9, 2017

A Wolf's Touch by Sarah J. Stone #Spotlight

In my heart, I agreed with my late grandpa. Humans cause nothing but trouble. Still, Raul’s abolishment of the rule against socializing with them has made my world a lot more fun than it used to be. I run into Julia on the eve of Dean’s mating ceremony, in a human bar, flirting with some random idiot. She’s the maid of honor and so drunk that I have to get her out of there…

I’ve liked Ray since I laid eyes on him. He’s handsome with a great sense of humor. I’m too shy to ask him out, though. When I pass out, in a bar, while he’s there, my hopes for dating him fade. But that night, he shows his true colors. Being truly gentlemanly, he takes me home, which only fuels my desire to be with him. And I won’t stop until I get what I want…

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